ACD Pharma

ACD Pharma is a Norwegian R&D company that developes pharmaceuticals and health products. The company is currently building the world's first bacteriophage plant with regulatory approval for pharmaceutical production.



About us

In 2018 ACD Pharma launched the world's bacteriophage product for use against harmful bacteria i aquaculture. Several similar products are in the pipeline. Today, ACD Pharma plays a significant role in the development of bacteriophages as an alternative to antibiotics, a potentially crucial effort in the global fight against antibiotic resistance.

The company's unique technological platform are now being scaled up for large-scale bacterophage and vaccine production at its new factory facility currently being built in Lofoten.

The company is part of the Nordly Group, based in Leknes in Northern Norway. The ACD Pharma research team is co-localised with The Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås.