Senior /Junior Toolpusher

Island Innovator Drilling Department!

TOOLPUSHER - Drilling Division


  • Oversee the implementation of the Management System, ensuring all procedures and guidelines are adhered to.
  • Promptly evaluate and report any undesired events or deviations within their jurisdiction in line with the set protocols.


  • Ensure that all drilling and well activities are safely executed in alignment with approved plans and procedures.
  • Confirm that the platform is well-equipped with necessary supplies for safe drilling and well operations.
  • Collaboratively plan maintenance operations with the Drilling Section Leader and Technical Section Leader to maximize efficiency.
  • Aid the Drilling Section Leader in maintaining records within the appropriate reporting systems.
  • Oversee ongoing work in the drilling section, emphasizing high housekeeping standards to guarantee a safe work environment.
  • Confirm that all relevant departments are adequately prepared and that all preliminary work is completed before commencing operations.
  • Ensure that staff adhere to procedures, updating them when necessary. Engage in the development and enhancement of Operation Procedures, ensuring equipment is properly stored, preserved, and rented equipment is duly returned.
  • Communicate all operational and equipment-related details to the relieving crew before concluding a shift.
  • Confirm the driller's cabin is staffed with competent personnel during all drilling and well activities.


  • Oversee, nurture, and further the development of personnel.
  • Confirm that each team member possesses the requisite skills and experience to competently and safely perform their tasks. This also extends to overseeing safety training within their designated areas.
  • Foster effective communication and collaboration across all departments and with clients.
  • Act as the head of the drilling crew, overseeing all drilling and well operations during their shift.
  • The description provided encapsulates the primary responsibilities of the position, but it is not exhaustive.
  • Professionally and safely execute all assigned duties in line with Island Drilling procedures and prevailing regulations.
  • Recognize and mitigate potential risks during all drilling and well activities, reporting to the Drilling Section Leader and taking corrective action as necessary.
  • Ensure that all equipment and systems under their purview are operated within specified parameters and maintained following the set protocols.
  • As the Toolpusher, be the accountable individual for operations as detailed in NORSOK. Perform tasks as detailed in the Installation Security Plan, Emergency Response Plan, SOPEP Manual, and in compliance with ISM requirements.

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