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Want to work offshore for Technical Department!

Mechanic- Technical Department

Rig Mechanic shall assist the Hydraulic Engineer in the maintenance of all hydraulic equipment, including BOP and pertaining control systems. Shall also monitor oil levels on a daily basis and top up oil reservoirs for hydraulic power units and register consumption, if any.

Shall monitor supplies of hydraulic oil in storage tanks and report to the Technical Section Leader.

Rig Mechanic shall attend to the maintenance of machine tools for use on hydraulic equipment.

Rig Mechanic shall inform the Technical Section Leader/ Hydraulic Engineer of all withdrawals of spare parts, hoses and other equipment in connection with repairs to and replacement of equipment.

Rig Mechanic shall carry out repairs to/ maintenance of drilling-related equipment at the request of the Toolpusher.

Rig Mechanic shall assist in planned/ preventive maintenance in accordance with the electronic maintenance system, ensuring that entries are made

and the system is updated once maintenance and repairs have been completed.

Rig Mechanic shall assist in miscellaneous work on deck, loading and offloading operations etc. on the orders of the Offshore Installation Manager/ Technical Section Leader.

Rig Mechanic is obliged to be highly flexible at all times.

Within his/her area of competence, the Rig Mechanic shall provide assistance as the platform management finds appropriate Rig Mechanic is responsible for ensuring that maintenance work is carried out in accordance with the company's safety and quality policy, attending in particular to the hydraulic equipment on board.

Rig Mechanic must carefully study all drawings and manuals relating to the rig's hydraulic systems.

Rig Mechanic is responsible for notifying the Technical Manager, or Toolpusher if applicable, of any faults, defects and irregularities relating to the hydraulic

systems and pertaining equipment.

Rig Mechanic is responsible for familiarising him/herself with the company's quality assurance system and electronic maintenance system and for ensuring

compliance with these systems in day-to-day operations.

Rig Mechanic must be on the alert with respect to oil spills and oil leakages in the rig's hydraulic systems, and must report any such spills and leakages immediately. 

Rig Mechanic is responsible for the completion of work permits before the commencement of any work that requires such a permit.

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