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At Rocketfarm, every day is a chance to flip the script - to be part of the solution, to take your passions seriously, to challenge industry norms, create the best imaginable products, and have fun while doing it! Located in Sogndal, a prime activity area, our dedicated team thrives both at work and in their free time.

We develop market-leading software

Rocketfarm creates and delivers robot software and technology for the industry. In spring 2019, we launched Pally internationally. Pally simplifies the automation of palletizing with robots from Universal Robots, a world-leading manufacturer of collaborative robot. This combination has positioned us in a growing niche in the global market. In 2022, we launched MyRobot.Cloud, a unique platform for managing palletizing robots, designed to make the entire palletizing process smoother and better for all stakeholders.

We are now recognized as a young and innovative company in robotics and technology. The combination of professional challenges and majestic nature has attracted many skilled engineers and developers to Sogndal. Today, we`re a team of about 17 dedicated Rocketfarmers, always on the lookout for more talent!

Our office Rockethouse

Rockethouse serves as the hub for the technological community in Sogndal, ideally situated by the stunning Sognefjord. Here, Rocketfarm and nLink have built a significant professional environment with expertise in artificial intelligence, robotics, control technology, hardware, rapid prototyping, and business development.

The office features a dedicated robot lab, plenty of space, and great opportunities for future growth. Socializing after work is a key focus for us, and Rockethouse makes this possible with all its amenities, including our very own pallet bar! Our committed employees regularly organize a variety of social and professional events in the evenings, fostering a vibrant team spirit. po