We are digitizing the health sector

Tellu is a leading total supplier of welfare technology and e-health solutions. Our customers are municipalities and hospitals. We work with our customers to create innovative, cloud-based solutions that benefit patients, relatives and healthcare professionals.

Tellu delivers a wide range of welfare technology, and develops, among other things, a dedicated e-health platform and its own services related to e.g. Digital supervision and Digital home follow-up. Tellus' e-health platform makes it possible to deliver future-oriented care services in a safer and more efficient way. We simply love problems that can be solved with technology - without creating new ones.

With our profund insight into the tasks and challenges health workers face at work, we develop technology that helps making everyday life easier for employees in the home care service, in institutions, hospitals and nursing homes.

Our ambition is to be a powerful player in Norway, the Nordic countries and Europe. Tellu currently has 60 committed employees with offices in Norway and Sweden. The largest owners are Telenor, Investinor and SINTEF Venture.

At Tellu, we work actively to achieve a balanced composition in terms of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and cultural background. We want everyone to feel included.

Together we create solutions for better and more sustainable health services!